Watch and Wait

I went shopping earlier this week and found some cute clothes.  I can’t wait to post the dress that I bought!  But, in the meantime, here is a picture of the front of a t-shirt that I also purchased:

To be honest, I got this shirt because it  had “my blog” written on the front.  I also liked how there was a picture of a keyboard on the shirt, and I thought the nickname could be referencing Looks So Fine, so I immediately thought–it’s a keeper!  But then I read the whole shirt, re-read it, read it a third time and thought to myself, “this makes no sense!”  Upon a fourth reading, I realized it was still completely nonsensical, but I had to have it (plus, it was $5–I had no choice but to buy it).

The message looks like it got muddled up in translation.  Should it have said, “Watch out for my blog?”  “Read my blog?” “Watch out my blog–you’ve got competition?”  or  “Watch out blog–you’re next?”  Who knows–but I can’t wait to wear it with a skirt or a pair of skinny pants.  I will definitely post my outfit sometime in the near future (given my laundry schedule, I assume in the next month or so).  So, WATCH OUT–it’s coming soon (tee hee–I’m sure you saw that one coming)…


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