Cold Front

Brr–it was a cold day for taking pictures!  I wanted to take my coverup off, but then I would have to change my name to Looks So Grumpy (more on grumpiness later).

This was the outfit I wore to a lovely wedding.  As mentioned before, I lack a supply of accessories and handbags.  I thought the dressiest purse that could somewhat go with this outfit was this faux-snakeskin piece:  not too big, but spacious enough to hold my camera, the wedding invitation, and the all-important check for the newlywed couple.

I originally wanted to take pictures that included the back of this dress, but, as noted above, 1) it was way too cold at this point to take my coverup off, 2) we thought we were running late, so we couldn’t take our time to snap pictures, and 3) due to my shyness of having pictures taken of me, I didn’t want to make a fuss over taking pictures when we were catching up with an old friend.  Unfortunately, my husband, Chris, got the receiving end of my initial grumpiness when I became upset at not having the necessary time to take our shots, but eventually, rational thinking got the best of me, and I apologized (note:  husband trumps style blogs).

So, this is the front of my outfit, but there will be another opportunity to wear this dress so I can show you the back.

As you can see, the belt was not originally part of the dress, but I love how the bow-ties fit right into the space of the belt buckle.

To show how forgiving Chris is, here is a picture of us at the end of the night:

Who’s a good-looking couple?

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

Dress:  Petticoat Junction/Marshalls

Coverup:  Max Studio/Marshalls

Shoes:  Steve Madden/Marshalls

Necklace:  Target

Belt:  vintage

Bracelets:  vintage

Purse:  Carlos Falchi for Target/Target


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