Not-So-Secret Admirer

I’m a big fan of people-watching (similar to bird-watching, but preferably without the use of binoculars; otherwise, I’d seem like a first-class creep).  I like to see how people interact with and relate to one another.  And, of course, I like to observe what others are wearing.

Much like birds and their plumes of feathers, humans have their own way of standing out.  Generally, the most accessible and convenient way we all differentiate ourselves is through the clothes we wear.  When I gaze into a crowd, the ones who make a lasting impression are the ones who have on an outfit that either 1) I would like to wear for myself or 2) I would like to admire like a page in a magazine.

Now, random strangers are not the only ones whom I admire from afar.  I also appreciate the styles of friends and family members.  So, consider this a warning to all those I know–you may be stalked and hunted down for a picture for my blog!

Case in point, over the weekend, I convinced a friend to let me post her outfit:

I love the combination of teal and mustard yellow.  Both colors are perfect for this transition from warmer to cooler temperatures.   And how fabulous is it that the clasp of her clutch matches her shoes (sorry, this is me going gaga over people’s outfits)? Also, a neat little tidbit–she’s wearing a cami and a matching skirt (not a dress–but who would have known?).  The skirt has a flirty fullness to it without being too heavy on fabric.

Also, her bracelets and gold jewelry are such a charming addition to her outfit (note:  I’m having a “gold” moment–I’m loving the way certain colors match with gold, and I’m looking for ways that I can incorporate more gold jewelry with what I wear).

So, does anyone else like taking (or wish they could take) pictures of what people are wearing too?  Don’t worry–my feelings won’t be (too) hurt if I find out I’m the only one.


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