Eggplant Surprise

I must have had food on the brain.  When I changed into this outfit, I didn’t have any lunch, so all I was thinking about was going to the community cookout for dinner.  The cookout was originally supposed to be held before Labor Day.  Then the hurricane hit, so that had to be postponed.  The alternate date was a month later, and guess what?  It rained that day too.  So, thankfully, when the cookout finally happened, we had a beautiful fall day (with no rain in sight) for a hefty serving of meat and a large cup of sweet tea.

Unfortunately, I didn’t really stop to think about what I was wearing until hours after I ate, and I was feeling full and well-fed.  When I really had time to think and reflect upon my outfit (oh no–see what blogging does to you?), the more I realized it resembled an eggplant.  I probably should have gone for squash or pumpkin, but it makes more sense to try that when it gets closer to Thanksgiving (I’m kidding–I think).

I was going for a casual look, with enough layers and coverage to keep my arms and tootsies warm (hence, the chance to wear my suede ankle boots).  The hood also kept my head from getting cold as the sun began to set.

So, really, I went for comfort and warmth–the eggplant similarities were quite the coincidence.

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

Dress:  Mossimo/Target

Pullover:  Old Navy/Old Navy

Belt:  vintage

Shoes:  Candie’s Fastrack/vintage


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