Denim and Gold

This morning, it was clearly fall.  Then, as the afternoon went on, the sun got a little brighter, and it suddenly felt like it was summer again.  I brought my jacket just in case, and to prove that I would eventually need it once the sun went down, I wore it for this first picture.  Also, as a throwback to the warmer weather, I wore this cami and my perforated yellow shoes to keep the rest of my body cool.

The thing that I like about the fall is that you can still wear your summer clothes but with extra layers.  From a style standpoint, winter will be a challenging season for me (considering that I like wearing my summer clothes almost year round).  But we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

This skirt was actually “donated” to me by my sister.  The denim actually has a gold, glittery sheen to it which matches my new obsession with all things gold.  Unfortunately, a picture I tried to take of my skirt did not do the gold justice, but if you look closely, you might be able to see a hint of the sparkles.

I’m also really digging this necklace that I bought for a ‘3 for $5’ deal at a vintage store.  As mentioned before, I don’t own too many accessories, but things have changed!  I have a secret benefactress that has lent me some of her jewelry to dress up my outfits (is it bad that the jewelry was practically just handed to me?  You don’t have to answer that).  So, if I accessorize my outfits just right, you’ll be seeing a more dazzling version of me in the days and weeks to come–Looks So Fine 2.0?

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

Top:  American Eagle Outfitters/Marshalls

Skirt:  Gap/donated

Jacket:  Stella Starr/TJMaxx

Shoes:  Merona/Target 

Necklace:  Richelieu/vintage


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