Sad Hatter

Embarrassing fact:  I have a big head.  A big, round head.  This is an issue because as the weather has gotten cooler, I have become more interested in looking for hats.  A few weeks ago, I tried on a fedora in a Calvin Klein store and was disappointed that the hat did not fit around the circumference of my head.  And before you ask, no I wasn’t wearing a ponytail.  And no, it wasn’t a child’s hat.  It was a hat in the women’s section:  cute but not fit to my proportions.  Actually, I did end up finding a hat in the store that did fit me.  And yes, it was in–you guessed it–the men’s section.

I can fit into some women’s hats, but unfortunately, just like clothes, not all hats are made the same.  If I find a good hat, I will end up wearing it for probably the rest of my life depending on if the weather calls for it.  What can I say?  I am loyal to both my clothes (hence, my clothes that have stuck around since high school) and my hats.  And doggone it–it’s just so hard to find a well-fitted hat for my circumferentially-inclined head.


Animated Karl Pilkington: representative for all the round-headed people

With that being said, I will keep you posted on my adventures in hat shopping.  I’ll rub my round head for good luck.


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