Happy Feet

A common theme in my wardrobe is that I must be comfortable.  Comfortable means a lot of different things to me:  in hot weather, I like to be cool and in cold weather, I like to be warm.  I also like to have plenty of sleep, plenty of food, and plenty of body wash and shampoo (yes, this means I don’t like to be dirty, and yes, this means I’m high-maintenance–I admit it).  Anyway, I try to create outfits that are both cute and comfortable, but as you can probably see, this might not always happen.

Now, to help me ease into fall and winter (and to avoid unleashing my innate crankiness), I just bought a new pair of tights and a new pair of socks.  I expect I’ll continue wearing skirts through the colder months, so this was a very important purchase.

Fortunately, I was able to find nice, neutral colors, so I can easily match my tops and bottoms to my footwear.  Although, I was almost about to buy a pair of magenta-colored tights, but I stopped myself this time (I hope to buy a wild color though in the near future when I’m feeling exceptionally adventurous).

So, with my feet warm, I’ll have very little to complain about when it gets cold.  Just don’t take away my sleep, food, or soap and we’ll stay friends.


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