Wait No More

Here it is–the event more hotly anticipated than seeing Kate Middleton’s wedding dress for the first time.  What you’ve been waiting for since my ‘Watch and Wait‘ post.  The question you’ve all had on your minds:  what will be worn with the ‘My Nickname is…” shirt?  I know, the talk around the water cooler was if I was going to change my mind and return the nonsensical t-shirt.  Bets were made in Las Vegas as to whether or not I was going to wear pants or a skirt.  Now you have the answer.*

I originally envisioned wearing a brightly printed maxi skirt. I ended up not even bothering to pack it. You see, when I finally washed this shirt, I also washed a bunch of pants that hadn’t been washed in forever (or ever– in the case of some clothes that had been bought in the past couple of months).  Suddenly, a new outfit emerged from the depths of the hot dryer–a pair of never-been-worn pants seemed to be the right match for my never-been-worn t-shirt.  That, and I guess I also figured that wearing pants would be more practical for this weekend trip; especially, if I considered that I might have to do a lot of walking.  Also, to fight the colder weather, I slipped on a long sweater and a pair of ankle boots (shows what good it did; I’m starting to feel just the faintest hint of a sore throat).

I’ve actually been waiting to wear this sweater for about six months now (I bought it around Easter).  I knew it would have to be worn before it got way too chilly and a thicker jacket became more necessary.  I feel like this is my coffeehouse sweater.  I just see myself sitting in a cozy cafe on one of those comfy, plush chairs, sipping a mochaccino or a chai latte as I catch up with some old friends and reminisce about the days of yore (yes, I’m a sucker for quiet coffeehouses as well as bookstores–I could spend hours at these places if I had nothing else to do).  I expect to get a lot of mileage out of this sweater in the months to come.

The whole theme of my outfit matches the peaceful awesomeness of my in-laws’ backyard.  I love the fountain and the sidewall.  The landscaping is a gorgeous backdrop for reading a book or sipping a nice cup of coffee.  Yes, I think I might secretly want a coffeehouse in my backyard someday–but it will have to come with a pretty fountain.

Until then, I hope everyone enjoys the last few days of mild weather before it gets too cold (and that no one comes down with a cold either)!

*These remarks are of course completely facetious.  I know, I know–no one believed I was going to return my shirt.

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

T-shirt:  Something Navy/Marshalls

Pants:  Sound & Matter/Marshalls

Sweater:  Kensie/Marshalls

Boots:  Xhilaration/Target

Necklace:  vintage


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