Hallow-Weekly Feature: Crime of Fashion

In the spirit of dressing up for Halloween, I’ve decided to come up with a weekly feature highlighting awesome outfits worn by female movie characters this month.  Every Friday, this October, I’ll showcase one outfit that would be perfect for recreating for a Halloween party (or really anytime at all, but I just like to use Halloween as yet another excuse to dress up).

Unfortunately, this isn’t a list of the most iconic costumes in film, but it will include some well-known outfits.

Today’s outfit:  Bonnie’s outfit from Bonnie and Clyde (as worn by Faye Dunaway).

Smooth criminal.

This outfit is deceptively classy.  Pull the scarf up around your face, and you’ve got a mask to disguise yourself (note:  please only disguise yourself for innocent things like when you want to hide your face from someone you knew 10 years ago because you just can’t remember his or her name, and you’re trying to avoid having an awkward conversation–that kind of thing).

If you have no reason to hide from anyone, this look is actually perfect for the fall.  A sweater, scarf, and hat combo always works for the cooler temperatures.  The slouchy beret and the short-sleeved sweater are matched perfectly with a tweed pencil skirt.  Worn with a pair of nude pumps or wedge boots, this outfit would be cute for a day at the office or for a day of modeling with old-time cars.

So, if you’re looking for an autumnal way to dress this Halloween, this just might be the outfit for you.  Now just make sure that the only thing you steal is the spotlight.

Have a safe and fun Halloween!


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