Mix It Up

My dinner has consisted of cheese and crackers with the occasional fruit or vegetable this week.  I actually haven’t been all that hungry, since I’ve had huge lunches and an altered appetite since leaving home for a week-long orientation.  Luckily, I’m staying at a hotel that provides a complimentary platter of snacks in the evening, so I’ve taken advantage of the courtesy since this has been enough to satisfy me at the end of the day.  I say all of this because this is probably the most eventful, and possibly, relatable, thing that I’m able to post.  Wait–I take that back.  We had baked potatoes and salad catered to us for lunch today.  Baked potatoes are, by far, cooler.

My pictures today were unfortunately from last Friday (I’m being sneaky and possibly deceptive by posting it today).  The actual outfits that I wore this week are neither glamorous or drool-worthy, but they will be my last work outfits that I will have a good amount of control over since I’ll have a uniform to adhere to starting next week (which I’m okay with; it just means, I can go all out for the weekend, and it’ll make choosing a daily outfit much easier for me).  So, therefore, I’ll post my pictures from this week at a later time as a special farewell to my work outfits (which were never spectacular, but were fun to create in their own way).

This outfit, that is pictured, is specially posted because it’s a “remix” (not my term, but I like the instantly recognizable meaning), of some pieces that I’ve worn before on this blog.  I’m wearing my plaid button-down shirt with my skinny cargo pants and a gray cami over top to help blend it all together.  I enjoy layering with camis or three-quarter length sleeved tops because I have so many of them, and I want to be able to wear them as much as I can.  So, this is a simple remix of an outfit that I wore to grab a burger and some fries with the hubby as well as do some grocery shopping on the night of Black Friday (I know, that’s your idea of a fun Friday night, right?).

So, today’s advice is to remix it well, so you can wear it again and again (oh–and again).  Now, I’m off to get some cheese and crackers.  (Update:  no cheese tonight but plenty of fruits and veggies–yum!) 

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

Top:  Sears JR Bazaar/vintage

Cami:  PBX Basics/gift

Pants:  Sound & Matter/Marshalls

Boots:  Mossimo Supply Co./Target 

Dance Party!

I like to support bands and artists that deserve more attention.  I also like to support family any way I can.  So, here is another plug, this time for the group Holy Ghost! (who may or may not have my brother-in-law doing sound for them on tour). For those who are unfamiliar with them, Holy Ghost! plays fun, upbeat, electropop music that makes you want to move and groove.  When Chris and I went to their last show of the tour, I felt like I needed to put more elbow pumping into my dance moves just to create a pocket for more breathing room (note:  I’m not used to the expected closeness at concerts; unfortunately, I don’t go out enough).  All in all, we had a great time, although my new red shoes got scraped and scuffed (expected casualties from a jamming environment).

My souvenir for the evening was this rad shirt.  I was in a color-block, ’80s-inspired mood (must have been all the ’80s movies that I watched over the weekend), so I wore this loose-fitting magenta and black dress underneath.  I, unfortunately, didn’t have an appropriate blazer to wear (I’ll save that for this upcoming weekend, I think), so I went with a gray cover up.  I also wanted to wear an outfit that showed off my platform heels from my Family Ties post, but I wasn’t in the tights-wearing spirit, so I decided to wear my black, white, and gray argyle socks.  I was hesitant to wear the socks with the heels, but Chris did his “squint and assess” and told me it matched (although he was probably trying to get us to leave the apartment for food–I’m not sure).

So, this is what I wore to celebrate my birthday.  At my parents’ house.  Hey–when you can’t bring your parents to a club, you bring the club to them, right?

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

T-shirt:  Holy Ghost! concert

Cover-up:  Charlotte Russe/gift

Dress:  Rampage/Marshalls

Belt:  Betsey Johnson/Marshalls

Socks:  Target

Heels:  Esprit/donated

How Very…’80s

I enjoy being inspired from unlikely sources.  However, I don’t usually know when or what will intrigue me until I see it.  So, color me surprised, when, this past weekend, my fashion inspiration came from two ’80s movies:  St. Elmo’s Fire and Heathers.  Ally Sheedy’s character, Leslie, donned feminine blouses and a long-stranded pearl necklace (with the latter baffingly worn during some intimate moments) in St. Elmo’s Fire.  Conservative yet sophisticated, Leslie’s style sense is perfect for a young woman trying to solidify her status as an adult.  Similarly, Winona Ryder’s character, Veronica, showcased a tremendous assortment of mature blazers and sweaters with full shoulder pads in Heathers.  The exaggerated broad shoulder-look appears to emphasize power and superiority (both attributes essential to the plot of the movie).

Pearls add class to any situation.

Head and shoulders above the rest.

These styles share the look of commanding respect while still appearing respectful (when fully clothed):  two traits that I value, particularly when dressing for the workplace.  Pearls provide a touch of added femininity to a business-type ensemble.  Also, although the shoulder pads were massive in Heathers, I believe that they can still be tastefully used for subtle impact with a well-fitted blazer.

Colorful croquet match.

Love, '80's style.

Other favorites:  the colorful tights and pleated skirts worn by Veronica and the Heathers and the ties and tweed worn by Judd Nelson’s, character Alec.  The ’80s…so very.

Feast for the Eyes

I have another food-themed outfit.  I purposely wore this sweater because it reminded me of butternut squash, and I figured that Thanksgiving was a perfect day to wear a gourd-colored outfit.  I also subconsciously wanted another reason to wear my green boots, because–let’s face it–green suede boots don’t match with just anything (I know–it’s a shame I can’t wear them more often).  I wore my gray tights, unaware, until after the pictures were taken, of the extent of the shimmery glossiness (but, hey, I guess that’s just a fun way to transition into the holiday spirit).  I was also unaware of how bookish I looked with my glasses, but it was partly an aesthetic choice as well as a decision based on pure laziness (who wants to put on contacts when the remainder of the day will be spent gorging on food?).


Despite the abundance of food, I successfully managed to not overstuff myself yesterday.  We brought home leftovers from my parents’ house, which should keep us well-fed today and tomorrow.  Unfortunately, the holiday feasts are just beginning.  Tomorrow, we’ll be celebrating my birthday early since I’ll be starting my new job next week, and I’ll be busy with orientations.  Then, of course, Christmas and New Year’s are just around the corner.  So, on the plus side, there are many more opportunities to eat and dress up (or dress down depending on your comfort level and the occasion).

In a way, I look forward to wearing skirts, dresses, and heels (pending any treacherous winter weather).  Most likely, I’ll find ways to wear anything from my growing collection of boots as the Christmas season approaches.  I also have plenty of dresses and skirts that haven’t debuted on the blog yet.  My plan is to introduce new, dressier outfits in the coming weeks and months (we’ll see how successful I am with that).

A belated thank you to everyone reading!  Have an appreciation-filled weekend!

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

Sweater:  Old Navy/Old Navy

Shirt:  Mossimo/Target

Skirt:  Xhilaration/Target

Tights:  Berkshire/Macy’s

Boots:  Candie’s Fastrack/vintage

Necklace:  loaned

Bracelet:  Charter Club/Macy’s (loaned)


Brr.  Although the rain has passed, the winds have picked up today.  The leaves have been shaken off of their branches, leaving behind a landscape devoid of new growth.  The overcast skies and gusty winds signal the coming change of season.  Winter is on its way.

I was grossly underdressed for my picture taking.  My sweater is light enough to keep me warm in a sheltered space but is not heavy enough to keep out the elements when posing outdoors.  In general, my outfit today is a mish-mash of things.  I was feeling bored with my clothes (again), so I asked Chris if he had any shirts that he didn’t want to wear anymore.  He gave me this tourist shirt that he bought in Amsterdam that showcases the combination of the words “I am” with the “am” in Amsterdam (note:  I’m all for cleverly crafted words).  The red in the shirt gave me an excuse to wear my recently acquired red shoes.

I am fascinated by the color red.  Red is such a strong, bold color–it can liven up a dull outfit by visually grabbing your attention.  I’d been on the lookout for red shoes, so I was elated when I came across these red flats (I love my flats!).  I’m also hoping to add a red purse or clutch to my collection of red things (which is truly lacking).  In the meantime, I’ll enjoy the vibrance that these new shoes will bring to my wardrobe.


I’m off to a concert tonight.  I’m going to bundle up and possibly wear a hat.  And a scarf and gloves.  And a heavier coat.  Yes, I think winter is right around the corner.

P.S.  Safe travels to everyone this Thanksgiving!

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

T-shirt:  gift shop/donated

Sweater:  Julie’s Closet/Marshalls

Jeggings:  Grane/Marshalls

Shoes:  Nine West/Marshalls

Necklaces:  vintage shop

Bracelet:  Macy’s/loaned

Layers of the Fall

I was almost afraid I couldn’t have any pictures taken today.  I was feeling the onset of a cold yesterday, so I had to take a really hot shower, stay buried under a warm blanket, and drink hot tea.  Luckily, when I woke up this morning, I felt pretty much back to normal (no more cold chills), so I was able to put my contacts in, dab on a little bit of makeup, and iron my clothes (meaning I looked a partial mess yesterday).

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week.  I feel like this month has flown by.  Pretty soon, I’ll be complaining about the bitter cold and winds, and I’ll be rocking my winter wear.  For now, I’ll enjoy the mild temperatures and the crisp fall air (and not having to wear heavy jackets every time I go out).

As you can see, I’m a fan of layering clothes.  I’lI continue to layer for the winter, but I’ll probably rely on heavier fabrics and more layers.  We’ll see what other fun outfits I can create as the weather gets even colder.

I actually bought these boots right before I left for my little trip.  I’d been eyeing them for a few weeks, but since I’m such a bargain shopper, I wasn’t going to buy them until they were deeply discounted.  The boots were originally priced at $29.99, but when I first saw them, they were only marked down to $21.  I ended up purchasing them for $7.48 last week.  So, lesson for the day is: it pays to be patient (sorry for the unnecessary pun there)!

I hope everyone has a nice, relaxing weekend!

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

Sweater:  Lauren Ralph Lauren/donated

Top:  Flutterbye/TJ Maxx

Pants:  Old Navy/Old Navy

Boots:  Mossimo Supply Co./Target

Hang in There, Baby

I was in a purple and black mood today (I was also in a purple and black mood yesterday, but there is no official blog evidence of this).  I also felt inspired by the bandanas that were popularized in the 1940s and 1950s, and of course, inspired by Little Edie Beale of Grey Gardens fame when I chose to wear the scarf on my head.  I love the funky pattern of the scarf and knew that since I couldn’t wear too many accessories, the few accessories that I did have had to stand out.  I wore my vintage earrings because I love the design, and I thought they would be a cute addition to my outfit, but unfortunately, my nephew got a hold of one, so I immediately took them off (obviously after the pictures were taken).  So, really, I wore the whole outfit the entire day minus the earrings (apparently, I’m still learning what is appropriate to wear when taking care of children).


Luckily, I made it through the day without any other wardrobe changes, although, I can’t say the same for the little one.  Babies seem to have an astounding amount of clothes because 1) everyone wants to buy them miniature-sized version of adult clothes, 2) everyone wants to buy them adorable-themed clothes, and 3) everyone knows that babies are not naturally clean creatures and constantly need to be changed after they get dirty from eating, playing, playing while eating, or from any “diaper accidents” (which can also occur while playing).  Oh, to be a baby again.  You have lots of clothes and have people who will clean you.  That’s the life.

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

Top:  Old Navy/Old Navy

Camisole:  Mossimo/Target

Pants:  Almost Famous/Marshalls

Scarf:  Merona/Target

Shoes:  Divertente Studio/vintage

Earrings:  vintage/flea market