My Lucky Charm

The fall foliage is in full effect.  It’s a beautiful sight to see when you’re driving down the interstate with no real plan in mind.  So, it was a tad tricky figuring out what I was going to wear since I didn’t have a set destination.  After careful consideration, I wore the same sweater I wore on Saturday (what can I say–I like to maximize the amount of wears out of a single article of clothing) with a new dress and belt (oops–did I mention that I wore the same pair of leggings on Saturday, too–is that a problem?).  It was actually a fairly warm day, so I was able to forgo the jacket and get by with just a sweater.

So, where did I end up going in my well-worn clothes?  As I took in the view of the fall leaves, I decided to go to an antiques store.  I spent a couple of hours just rummaging through the store with a specific goal in mind:  I wanted to find a vintage telephone.  Don’t ask me why or how I became fascinated with old phones, but within the past year, I’ve been casually searching thrift stores and the occasional flea market for one.  I think my desire to have an old phone is similar to my penchant for looking for vintage jewelry (and wearing vintage clothes).

The good news is that I found both this past weekend (a reproduction of a candlestick telephone  probably from the ’70s, as well as some old-ish looking jewelry).  So, maybe it was a good idea to wear this sweater after all.  Let’s just call it my lucky sweater.

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

Sweater:  Converse One Star/Target

Dress:  Xhilaration/Target

Leggings:  Poof!/gift

Boots:  Nine West/Nine West

Belt: Calvin Klein/Marshalls

Purse:  Franco Sarto/Marshalls


2 Comments on “My Lucky Charm”

  1. Beautiful outfit! I love the shots and the angles. I also like old phones. I bought a 70s era avocado green rotary dial phone for my office. It doesn’t work, but it’s a great conversation piece.

    • Thanks so much! Your phone sounds awesome. Unfortunately, my phone doesn’t work either, but I think I prefer it as a decorative piece (however, I like to pretend to dial phone numbers when no one is looking). 🙂

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