How Very…’80s

I enjoy being inspired from unlikely sources.  However, I don’t usually know when or what will intrigue me until I see it.  So, color me surprised, when, this past weekend, my fashion inspiration came from two ’80s movies:  St. Elmo’s Fire and Heathers.  Ally Sheedy’s character, Leslie, donned feminine blouses and a long-stranded pearl necklace (with the latter baffingly worn during some intimate moments) in St. Elmo’s Fire.  Conservative yet sophisticated, Leslie’s style sense is perfect for a young woman trying to solidify her status as an adult.  Similarly, Winona Ryder’s character, Veronica, showcased a tremendous assortment of mature blazers and sweaters with full shoulder pads in Heathers.  The exaggerated broad shoulder-look appears to emphasize power and superiority (both attributes essential to the plot of the movie).

Pearls add class to any situation.

Head and shoulders above the rest.

These styles share the look of commanding respect while still appearing respectful (when fully clothed):  two traits that I value, particularly when dressing for the workplace.  Pearls provide a touch of added femininity to a business-type ensemble.  Also, although the shoulder pads were massive in Heathers, I believe that they can still be tastefully used for subtle impact with a well-fitted blazer.

Colorful croquet match.

Love, '80's style.

Other favorites:  the colorful tights and pleated skirts worn by Veronica and the Heathers and the ties and tweed worn by Judd Nelson’s, character Alec.  The ’80s…so very.


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