A Gem of An Evening

I’m finally wearing a dress that I’ve been wanting to wear for a few months now.  It’s a unique combination of a jersey t-shirt and a semi-ruffled dress.  I was instantly attracted to the unusual composition of the dress, but the high price turned me away.  As I’ve mentioned before, if I don’t “have to have it,” I’ll wait until the price is lowered.  Luckily, my patience was rewarded, and I was able to buy this dress at a significantly reduced price (so far, this technique has worked for me at least three times in the past two years, although, I, unfortunately, have purchased a jacket at the initial sale price of $30 that was later reduced to $20 after I bought it–hey, you win some, you lose some).

I also covered up with a coat that I wore when I went to Paris last year, but I had to wear a light, black trench coat underneath to keep my arms covered.  Unfortunately, the overcoat has three-quarter length sleeves, which is not an acceptable means to keep warm on a cold, fall night, so I doubled up the layers.  Similarly, I kept my lower half warm by wearing calf-length boots and tights.

The dress also came with a sparkly bonus:  the faux gemstones on the belt buckle paired well with a jeweled necklace that I purchased from Paris, so I wore them together.  Not only do I love buying and wearing jewelry (when I can), but I love to find pieces that are different yet distinctive of a certain time period or a place (this probably explains my affinity for vintage or antique objects; I enjoy things that have a story).

This outfit was worn during a very fun and memorable dinner with friends.  Unfortunately, we probably won’t get together again until after the new year.  Either way, it seems that we’ll have a lot to look forward to.  So, here’s to fond memories of the past and happy times in the future!

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

Dress:   BCBG Max Azria/Marshalls

Coats: (overcoat) Vertigo/Marshalls; (trench coat) Nine West/Nine West

Boots:  Nine West/Marshalls

Necklaces:  (jeweled) boutique shop in Paris; (beaded) loaned

Purse:  Franco Sarto/Marshalls


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