Play Time

I was feeling flirty and funny when I wore this outfit.  The skirt was way too short to be worn without anything underneath, and it did make me feel semi-self-conscious.  So, I added a pair of black jeggings and felt this was enough for visiting my parents without shame.

This outfit was from last Sunday.  I find that I wear more playful clothes on Sunday than on Saturday.  I think this is because of: 1) the laundry dilemma (i.e. not having enough clean clothes to choose from) and 2) the decision to spend the last day of the weekend in the most laid-back way possible (i.e. not caring about my outfits as much).

This weekend, I’ll be going out-of-town for a couple of days, but I’ll be back by Sunday.  We’ll see if we can capture a few of my holiday outfits for the blog.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday and enjoys the rest of 2011!

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

Button-down shirt:  twenty one/vintage shop

Skirt:  Rachael & Chloe/Marshalls

Jeggings:  Van Pierre/Marshalls

Flats:  Armando/vintage

Necklace:  vintage


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