Cool Look for the Cold

I’m sorry for my lack of posts last week.  Unfortunately, it was a long week for me.  But don’t fret–I’m going to start up again with a post that just happens to be chronologically out of order (my dress from the holiday party will be posted soon).

I have an aversion to cold weather.  I kept my coat on for the pictures, because I couldn’t bear to expose my forearms.  So, really, you’re getting a peek at what I wore to a farewell/birthday party for Chris’ colleague.  As you can see, this is one of my dressier coats.  I wear it pretty much anytime I have to wear a short dress.  It’s warm, but it would have been warmer had I chosen to wear a long-sleeved sweater (why do I sometimes sacrifice my comfort for style?).  I also wore a scarf because the dress is pretty low-cut and I didn’t have a necklace that I felt matched my outfit.  So, the scarf seemed to do both the trick of giving me an extra layer, as well as functioning as an accessory (I’m all for two-for-one deals).

The boots also helped to keep me warm; they’re lined with a fleece-like material.  These are the first pair of boots that I’ve owned that are truly knee-high.  I love to wear them with skirts or with dresses.  It’s probably already pretty obvious, but these boots are just a tad too big for me.  But, surprisingly, they are pretty comfortable (as long as I don’t walk around in them all day long) and snug around my feet.

Wrong size and coldness aside, this is probably one of my favorite outfits of the year (so far).  I especially love the velvet material of the dress.  That alone, may be why I think this outfit is just so cool.

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

Coat:  Guess/Macy’s

Dress:  American Rag/Macy’s

Sweater:  Ruby Moon/TJ Maxx

Scarf:  gift shop in Paris

Boots:  Franco Sarto/DSW

Purse:  Olivia + Joy/Marshalls

Belt:  Betsey Johnson/TJ Maxx

Earrings:  Charter Club/loaned

Hat for Sale

Here I am trying on my fuzzy hat in the store.  I can’t wait to wear it tomorrow night–it’ll be a cold one.  I’ll be wearing a short dress to my company’s holiday party.  I know–I need to dress for the weather, but sometimes a girl has to wear what she wants to wear (and suffer the consequences).  I’ll also wear a long coat over top to help keep out the cold.

I bought this faux furry hat (using a gift card!) on a whim.  I’m usually not daring enough to try on something so eye-catching, but there was something so endearingly awesome about this hat, that I had to have it.  I have a feeling that my hair will have crazy static, but if it’s anywhere near freezing, I think I’d rather have some protection from the cold.

I’m just excited that this hat is warm and big enough for my head.  On the same shopping trip, I was actually able to buy not just one hat, but two.  Please stay tuned for another post featuring my other hat (that is not furry or fuzzy, unfortunately.  By the way, I discovered that my hat size is medium/large).  In the meantime, keep warm and happy head coverings!

P.S.  I recognize the irony in wearing a warm winter hat with the outfit that I wore for my Forget Winter post.

P.P.S. This hat was purchased at the Gap.  I decided not to buy the scarf although it was very warm and thick.  Hopefully, it found a nice home with someone else (yes, I care about the scarf’s feelings).

Big Fan

This outfit was inspired by my hometown team (yay, Ravens!).  I don’t own any athletic apparel, but I tried my best to wear team colors on game day.  I actually wore this ensemble on New Year’s Day.  So, really, this was my first official outfit of the year.  Today, I still wore a combination of purple and black, but it was much sloppier and I managed not to take a shower until 4 pm (Chris and I decided to do some grocery shopping as quickly as we could before the game–this is basically why I didn’t get a picture of what I actually wore today).

I’m a fan of wearing dresses on the weekends.  Of course, it can’t be too cold, and I have to be wearing sensible shoes (or if I choose to wear heels, I can’t be doing a lot of walking–heels are cute but aren’t meant for long-distance travel on foot).  I actually wore this outfit to a family holiday party/football viewing party.  It was comfortable enough for consuming food and for posing for pictures.

Luckily, I have one more holiday function to attend later this week (if you thought the holidays were over–you were wrong!).  Hopefully, I’ll be able to get a picture of my party dress.  I’ll have to rush home from work, get ready, then get back on the road, so we’ll see (I’ll definitely do my best!).  Catch you later!

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

Dress:  Old Navy/donated

Button-down shirt:  Converse One Star/Target

Boots:  Nine West/Marshalls

Necklaces:  loaned


Lately, I’ve been on a color kick.  I caught the end of The Royal Tenenbaums the other night, and I was mesmerized by the bold palette and the stylish direction.  Although it’s been awhile since I’ve seen the movie in its entirety, I think the costumes and the soundtrack still have a magnetic appeal.  To me, the film resembles a musical, moving collage of ironic photos.


I suppose I’m also intrigued by the unconventional outfits.  When this movie originally came out, I didn’t have the same appreciation of style that I have now.  Now, I see the beauty in a blunt bob and a polo shirt dress or the awesomeness of an all red get-up (even if the outfit in question is a tracksuit).

Awesomely dour.

I’ve definitely become more daring as my taste for the unique and eccentric has developed.  Nowadays, I look for colors and designs that stand out when shopping for clothes and home decor.  I’m very easily drawn to whimsical images amidst a sea of primary colors.  Hence, if the item is cute and has red in it, the chances are pretty good that I will buy it.

Wall decor.*

Colorful angst.

In conclusion, a film that is artfully directed can be a complete design inspiration.  I love to see vibrant hues and vintage pieces in real life and on my television screen.  Because let’s face it–it makes a great backdrop and it gives me yet another reason to go shopping.

*Mark Poulin designs

Lazy Day

I have a backlog of pictures to share this week.  Unfortunately, I’ve been slow with posting because I’ve had a lot going on (I know–lame excuse.  I’ll try to make it up to all of you).  So, for starters, here is my outfit from this past Sunday.  I was literally shivering after we stepped outside to take my pictures because I had finished drinking some ice water and there was a bit of a chill in the air.  The jacket stayed on for the first few pictures as I warmed up.

As I became immune to the cold, I decided to show off my outfit the way I had intended it to look–without the added jacket layer but with the focus on the pink/magenta colors.  I neutralized the girly effect with some brown-accented jewelry and blue-gray cargo pants.

I ended up ordering a huge sandwich for lunch that day.  I hadn’t had breakfast for some reason, so my eyes were bigger than my stomach (note: my unsmiling face is probably because I’m stuffed and hoping I don’t have black olives stuck in my teeth).  I was able to bring the leftovers home, only to have Chris accidentally finish off (most of) the other half of my sandwich the next day.  It’s okay.  It saved both of us from having to cook something for lunch that day (I think I had a bowl of cereal or something that required no heating of any kind–what can I say?  I’m a lazy cook).

I mention sandwiches because, sometimes, you just want an easy outfit that, like my ideal meal preparation, takes little time and effort (not that it didn’t take me a few minutes to come up with this outfit, but at least my goal was to be easy and breezy).  So, here is a template for a simple, weekend outfit:  grab a pair of comfortable pants, find a shirt that semi-matches, and accessorize with a neutral color.  Works almost every time.

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

Top:  Esprit/gift

Pants:  Sound & Matter/Marshalls

Boots:  Mossimo Supply Co./Target

Necklaces:  Pink beads:  Target; Brown beads:  gift

Earrings:  Macy’s/gift 

Forget Winter

I had to think carefully when I picked out an outfit that was appropriate for the mild, or dare I say, warmer, temperatures on Saturday (I must have also been subconsciously trying to reproduce this fun outfit–our blazers are very similar!).  I decided to combine a long, flowy skirt with a pair of black boots that finally debuted on this blog (the last of many black boots I’ve worn so far), because I needed to convince myself that it was still winter.  I brought along a light jacket, but I was able to get by with just my blazer for most of the day.

Every winter, I forget a few important things.  For one thing, I forget how dry my skin gets.  When it gets really frigid, my hands are beyond chapped.  It also doesn’t help that I’m washing my hands throughout the day.  I’m sure my best option would be to moisturize more often and wear gloves after using a thick cream at night.  Of course, I don’t do this.  Secondly, I forget how static-y my hair gets.  My “flyaways” become “stick-to-my foreheads.”  Sometimes, wind can help volumize your hair; in the winter, it shakes my hair into a limp state.  It’s the unfortunate truth.

Either way, it was nice to spend the majority of the day outside of our apartment.  I did some winter hat shopping (more on that in another post), plus we found a nice coffeehouse where we could sit back and relax (for about a good hour before closing).  To me, this is the best way to spend the weekend.  Now if only the warmer weather could stick around for just a little bit longer…

P.S.  A special thank you to the iPhone–without it, these pictures would not be possible.

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

Blazer:  Merona/Goodwill

Tank top:  Ellen Tracy/Marshalls

Skirt:  Chelsea Ltd./vintage

Boots:  Franco Sarto/DSW

Purse:  Franco Sarto/Marshalls

Necklace:  boutique shop in Paris

Bracelet:  gift

New Year, New Tradition

I was inspired by BeautyRiot Diva for this post.  I liked her idea of having her significant other pick out her clothes for a week.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a week’s worth of outfits to wear to work, so I asked Chris to pick out one outfit on one day of the weekend.

Chris picked out the jacket and asked me to wear it with a pair of jeans.  The jacket is fairly worn and nubby, but it was actually warm enough for me to wear with a light jacket over top.  I prettied it up with my red shoes and some gold jewelry.

So, this is what I wore on the last day of 2011.  Nothing fancy or splashy; just a casual look to ring in the new year.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have a swanky party to attend, so there wasn’t a need for a party dress.  We ended up hanging out at my parents’ house to celebrate the new year.  My party outfit ended up being a pair of pajamas with cats in Santa hats and polka dots (sorry, no pictures).  My dad suggested I wear polka dots for good luck.  Apparently, my dad has started a new tradition.  Hopefully, this translates to good fortune in the future.

All in all, I didn’t have to think hard about my attire this weekend.  That’s the way to ease into the new year: with a laid-back attitude (and surrounded by your loved ones).  Here’s to a happy and healthy new year!

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

Jacket:  Unionbay/Army base exchange

T-shirt:  gift shop/gift

Jeans:  ZCO Jeans/Marshalls

Flats:  Nine West/Marshalls

Earrings:  gift

Necklace:  loaned