Lately, I’ve been on a color kick.  I caught the end of The Royal Tenenbaums the other night, and I was mesmerized by the bold palette and the stylish direction.  Although it’s been awhile since I’ve seen the movie in its entirety, I think the costumes and the soundtrack still have a magnetic appeal.  To me, the film resembles a musical, moving collage of ironic photos.


I suppose I’m also intrigued by the unconventional outfits.  When this movie originally came out, I didn’t have the same appreciation of style that I have now.  Now, I see the beauty in a blunt bob and a polo shirt dress or the awesomeness of an all red get-up (even if the outfit in question is a tracksuit).

Awesomely dour.

I’ve definitely become more daring as my taste for the unique and eccentric has developed.  Nowadays, I look for colors and designs that stand out when shopping for clothes and home decor.  I’m very easily drawn to whimsical images amidst a sea of primary colors.  Hence, if the item is cute and has red in it, the chances are pretty good that I will buy it.

Wall decor.*

Colorful angst.

In conclusion, a film that is artfully directed can be a complete design inspiration.  I love to see vibrant hues and vintage pieces in real life and on my television screen.  Because let’s face it–it makes a great backdrop and it gives me yet another reason to go shopping.

*Mark Poulin designs


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