Hat for Sale

Here I am trying on my fuzzy hat in the store.  I can’t wait to wear it tomorrow night–it’ll be a cold one.  I’ll be wearing a short dress to my company’s holiday party.  I know–I need to dress for the weather, but sometimes a girl has to wear what she wants to wear (and suffer the consequences).  I’ll also wear a long coat over top to help keep out the cold.

I bought this faux furry hat (using a gift card!) on a whim.  I’m usually not daring enough to try on something so eye-catching, but there was something so endearingly awesome about this hat, that I had to have it.  I have a feeling that my hair will have crazy static, but if it’s anywhere near freezing, I think I’d rather have some protection from the cold.

I’m just excited that this hat is warm and big enough for my head.  On the same shopping trip, I was actually able to buy not just one hat, but two.  Please stay tuned for another post featuring my other hat (that is not furry or fuzzy, unfortunately.  By the way, I discovered that my hat size is medium/large).  In the meantime, keep warm and happy head coverings!

P.S.  I recognize the irony in wearing a warm winter hat with the outfit that I wore for my Forget Winter post.

P.P.S. This hat was purchased at the Gap.  I decided not to buy the scarf although it was very warm and thick.  Hopefully, it found a nice home with someone else (yes, I care about the scarf’s feelings).


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