Those Wear the Days

Remember when I said I was going to post some shots of my last week of self-styled work clothes (that’s okay if you don’t remember–I’ll forgive you)?  Well, the time has finally come!  Spring is in full force, so I should share with you my outfits from yesteryear before it becomes too ridiculously hot to even look at a sweater.

First up, speaking of sweaters, here is a long one that I had just gotten for my birthday back in late November:

I actually wore this sweater yesterday.  It’s not heavy, so it was perfect to wear on a relatively cool, dreary day.  The shirt is pretty awesome, too.  It has a boatneck top and a pop of red at the cuffs.  I love the simplicity of the design and the unexpected burst of color.

Next, is one of my favorite work-appropriate outfits (of this particular week):

I do enjoy wearing purple.  Since I started this blog, I realized that I own many shades of purple.  The belt actually came from a pair of shorts (I’ve surprisingly never worn the two together before).  It was fun going head-to-toe in purple (note:  I’m wearing purple loafers!).

The last two outfits are pretty similar.  For both days, I went with the same theme:  button-down shirts underneath cotton shirts:

These were supposed to be my more professional looking outfits.  I like the ease of pairing a button-down shirt with a shirt or sweater.  In milder weather, a shirt with three-quarter length sleeves is a nice complement to the more conservatively buttoned-up shirt.

So, there you (finally) have it!  I’m also debating whether or not I should go back to shorter hair in the summer.  I do miss my shorter hairstyle!  In the meantime, enjoy the warmer weather!

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

Outfit 1:

Sweater:  Style & Co./Macy’s (gift)

Top:  Jonathan Saunders for Target/Target

Pants:  Gap/donated

Shoes:  Divertente Studio/vintage

Outfit 2:

Top:  Old Navy/Old Navy

Pants:  Old Navy/Old Navy

Shoes:  Xhilaration/Target

Belt:  from a pair of Calvin Klein shorts

Outfit 3:

Top:  Old Navy/Old Navy

Button-down shirt:  Converse/Target

Pants:  Gap/donated

Shoes:  Xhilaration/Target

Outfit 4:

Top:  Merona/Target

Button-down shirt:  Converse/thrift store

Pants:  Old Navy/Old Navy

Shoes:  Divertente Studio/vintage


Some people must wear jeans on their off work days.  I must wear either skinny pants, jeggings, or leggings.  I can’t get enough of them; I wear at least one of these types of bottoms almost every weekend.  I’m in the camp that thinks that they’re so comfortable and are the perfect complement to the many loose, blousy fitting tops that I own.  So, it goes to show, that I would wear my black jeggings with a flowy top for a girls’ night out.  Unfortunately, since it was girls’ night out, Chris made his own plans, so I had no other choice but to use my back-up–my trusty mirror–to highlight my outfit.

I had no idea what to wear initially, but I knew I could style everything around my black jeggings.  Plus, I figured that anything that doesn’t look dressy enough can be dressed up with the right accessories.  My number one goal is to be comfortable with what I’m wearing.  The last thing I want is to be overly self-conscious about my clothes when I’m out to have a good time.  So, on the comfort list I have:  1) a pair of well-worn jeggings (check), 2) a fun, flowy top (check), 3) a cute sweater to keep me warm (check), and 4) rockin’ jewelry to liven up my look (check for the earrings and necklace).

I also decided to wear my go-to heels because I knew that would instantly dress up my outfit.  Luckily, they’ve been broken in so they didn’t hurt my feet at all (I’m all for heels as long as I don’t end up limping in agony at the end of the night).

And–ta-da!–instant outfit–and I didn’t have to go shopping for it (this time).  What do you like to wear for a night out on the town?

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

Jeggings:  Van Pierre Jeans/Marshalls

Top:  Xhilaration/Target

Camisole:  Merona/Target

Sweater:  Ruby Moon/TJ Maxx

Heels:  Steve Madden/Marshalls

Necklace:  Macy’s/gift

Earrings:  2028/gift (Macy’s)

Mix It Up

My dinner has consisted of cheese and crackers with the occasional fruit or vegetable this week.  I actually haven’t been all that hungry, since I’ve had huge lunches and an altered appetite since leaving home for a week-long orientation.  Luckily, I’m staying at a hotel that provides a complimentary platter of snacks in the evening, so I’ve taken advantage of the courtesy since this has been enough to satisfy me at the end of the day.  I say all of this because this is probably the most eventful, and possibly, relatable, thing that I’m able to post.  Wait–I take that back.  We had baked potatoes and salad catered to us for lunch today.  Baked potatoes are, by far, cooler.

My pictures today were unfortunately from last Friday (I’m being sneaky and possibly deceptive by posting it today).  The actual outfits that I wore this week are neither glamorous or drool-worthy, but they will be my last work outfits that I will have a good amount of control over since I’ll have a uniform to adhere to starting next week (which I’m okay with; it just means, I can go all out for the weekend, and it’ll make choosing a daily outfit much easier for me).  So, therefore, I’ll post my pictures from this week at a later time as a special farewell to my work outfits (which were never spectacular, but were fun to create in their own way).

This outfit, that is pictured, is specially posted because it’s a “remix” (not my term, but I like the instantly recognizable meaning), of some pieces that I’ve worn before on this blog.  I’m wearing my plaid button-down shirt with my skinny cargo pants and a gray cami over top to help blend it all together.  I enjoy layering with camis or three-quarter length sleeved tops because I have so many of them, and I want to be able to wear them as much as I can.  So, this is a simple remix of an outfit that I wore to grab a burger and some fries with the hubby as well as do some grocery shopping on the night of Black Friday (I know, that’s your idea of a fun Friday night, right?).

So, today’s advice is to remix it well, so you can wear it again and again (oh–and again).  Now, I’m off to get some cheese and crackers.  (Update:  no cheese tonight but plenty of fruits and veggies–yum!) 

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

Top:  Sears JR Bazaar/vintage

Cami:  PBX Basics/gift

Pants:  Sound & Matter/Marshalls

Boots:  Mossimo Supply Co./Target 

Fall Photo Finish

I’m a horrible photographer.  That’s partly why I choose to take pictures in the mirror, because at least I can try to manipulate the image that will be taken before I’ve even pressed the shutter button.  Also, that’s why I prefer having other people (whom I trust won’t make fun of me) to take my pictures for the blog.  But alas, you can’t always have what you wish for, so I continue to take pictures in the mirror to serve as a document of (what I think of as a) pretty neat outfit (note:  I did actually try to take pictures outside with the self-timer in the park today, but as you will see below, the results weren’t up to par and my battery died on me before I could take more shots–for shame!).

Anyway, the outfit that I chose to wear on this lovely fall day is my take on an art teacher’s outfit (no, that’s not right; most art teachers are way more creative than I am).  I did feel rather mature and bold wearing this skirt.  I was attracted to the punchy prints on the skirt and felt I had to play up the colors by wearing a blue-beaded necklace with my recently acquired vintage earrings.  I also went with my worn-in ankle booties because I knew I would be doing a lot of walking, and I wanted to make sure I had appropriately comfortable shoes to wear for the undertaking.

All in all, it was a great day to enjoy the outdoors and to admire the last vestiges of the fall foliage.  I wish I could have taken pictures of all of nature’s beauty, but I’ll have to save that for another outing.  Next time, I’ll go out with a fully-charged camera battery.

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

Sweater:  Calvin Klein Jeans/Army base exchange

Skirt:  Michele/vintage

Boots:  Mossimo Supply Co./Target

Necklace:  Target

Earrings:  vintage/flea market

New Opportunities

Unfortunately, I don’t have a cool costume to show off, so instead, I’ll just share with you what what I wore for my last day of work.  I’ll be starting at a new place at the end of November, but until then, I’ll be on somewhat of a sabbatical.  I suppose that means I’ll have more time to go shopping (I promise–I won’t just shop for myself!) and just take care of the everyday things that get neglected during the work week (or when I’m too tired and lazy to catch up on all the mundane stuff on the weekends).  I’ll also have a little bit more time to devote to this blog, so I hope to come up with more inspiring outfits or at least outfits that will encourage you to take a second look.

I didn’t want to put a whole lot of thought into my last work-appropriate outfit, since I didn’t want to make a show of it being my last day (however, this will be the last time in a while that I’ll have more control over what I wear; I’ll have to wear a uniform at my next place of employment).  I did feel like wearing one of my old standby blouses because I liked the stitching around the shoulders and the three-quarter length sleeves.  I also felt like it was a ruffle kind of day, so I layered with a striped shirt with a ruffled collar.  I like the overall look because I feel it’s conservative and conveys a sense of professionalism that I hope will follow me to my new job.

I’m excited for the opportunities that I’ll have in the future (both career-wise and blog-wise!).  Wish me luck!

P.S.  That’s my game-ready pose.

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

Blouse:  BCBG Max Azria/Marshalls

Button-down shirt:  Converse One Star/Goodwill

Pants:  Express/Marshalls

Shoes:  Carysma/vintage 

Bold Moves

I didn’t realize how much I loved this shirt until I wore it today.  It was actually another neat find from my mom.  The pattern and the color just popped out at me, but I almost didn’t take it.  Somehow, it kept beckoning me, enticing me to wear it, so I could come up with a creative combination of outfits.   In fact, I would love to pair this shirt with a pair of dark blue skinny jeans (which I don’t own–yet).  So as you can see, I have no regrets–there are so many possibilities!

Anyway, since I had to go to work today, I had to be somewhat presentable, so instead, I decided to wear my wide leg pants.  I like wearing clothes that aren’t meant for my body size–I laugh in the face of the naysayers who say a petite girl can’t wear baggy, wide pants or skirts that fall below the knee without heels.  I’m a rebel in my own world of style and fashion.

So, I give credit to my rebel-mind for creating this ultra (business) casual look with my snazzy printed shirt.  And who can forget those blue-green moccasins?  Yes, you may be a little skeptical (I know, part of me wanted to play it safe with a pair of brown loafers) but the opportunity was too good to pass up–blue-green AND red-orange?–count me in!  So, even though the color combination was a daring choice for my workweek outfit, I like to think I exuded confidence with my boldness.  Yes, indeed.

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

Shirt:  Izod/donated

Sweater: Mossimo/Target

Pants:  Old Navy/Old Navy

Shoes:  Eastland/vintage

Mad Instinct

Here we go–another bonus outfit for the week!  This outfit has a very Mad Men-inspired look to it (although I haven’t watched the show, I have a feeling I would love the costumes).  I thought the short-sleeved sweater and pants would be a nice, fall combination, and I also thought, “what the heck–let’s be bold with a red blouse.”  Actually, my thought process consisted more of putting clothes and colors together that wouldn’t be entirely an eyesore and knowing that I wanted to wear this sweater (perfect gift from my in-laws!).  Generally, I don’t like dwelling too long on my outfit choices because I kind of like going with my instinct as to what could possibly work (my instinct likes to go for the crazy sometimes–this outfit has just the right amount of business-casual crazy).

Hope you enjoy!

P.S.  My apologies for the dusty mirror–it will be thoroughly cleaned for my next set of pictures.

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

Sweater:  Brooks Brothers/gift

Blouse:  Merona/Target

Pants:  Banana Republic/Banana Republic Factory Outlet

Shoes:  Armando/vintage