The Fun Never Ends

I still enjoy wearing tops with cartoon characters on it.  Granted, these types of shirts are not in my regular rotation of wardrobe choices, but when they’re worn, they’re worn with pride.  The blogger, Chic Muse, has a great take on combining a cute cartoon with a cute pair of heels (I also like how a blazer imparts a level of sophistication).

This is my version of an outfit that has younger and more mature elements.  I bought this hoodie about four or five years ago when I was still in my early twenties.  I think the whales and sailboats provide a cutesy spin on a nautical theme.  The colors suggest playfulness and vivaciousness; a perfect match for a quiet, Sunday early dinner (note:  this is a sign that you’re getting older; when you eat dinner at 4:30 pm).

I balanced out the cuteness with a paisley-printed blouse and a pair of corduroy cargo pants.  My pink boots and jewelry rounded out the ensemble.  I specifically chose the beaded jewelry for the coloring as well as to help transition to an older look (in my opinion, beaded jewelry, for the most part, can be worn at any age and with almost any outfit).

So, the lesson of the day is:  find a way to incorporate fun designs into your look.  And remember–you’re never too young to eat an early dinner.

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

Hooded sweatshirt:  Sweet Child/Marshalls

Blouse:  JW/donated

Pants:  Terranova/Terranova (store in SoHo)

Boots:  Mossimo Supply Co./Target

Necklace:  Target/loaned

Bracelets:  Macy’s/loaned

Smile in Style

Please bear with me and my creative self-timer portraits.  It was raining today, so I had to settle for a photo shoot indoors.  And, unfortunately, since we have a small space, we don’t have a lot of well-lit areas.  So, I stayed near the door since there was more light and not as much mess (I mean clutter–please try to avert your eyes from the random things that you see in the pictures).

Before I realized it was raining (I think there is something to the old practice of sticking a hand out of the window to see what the weather is like), I had a silly urge to wear a dress that had all the fall colors (brown, yellow, orange, and red–with a dash of green).  As usual, I had to keep warm by covering my legs.  I went with a pair of knee-high socks (that are probably a little too busy or non-matchy, but they’re warm!) and donned a pair of brown ankle boots.  I also layered up with a hoodie and a sweater thinking it would be sufficient–I was half right (at least the hood came in handy once I realized it was raining, and I was actually getting wet).

I ended up getting a little haircut today (which only led to a wild and frizzy look due to the dampness), and then I did some shopping (don’t worry–I only bought groceries today).  As I was breezing through the store, a woman stopped me and said, “I like your look” with a big smile and without a hint of sarcasm.  I thought it was a nice thing to say to a complete stranger on a rainy day.  Unfortunately, since I’m not good at conversation, and I wanted to head home before the rain came down harder, I smiled back, said ‘”thanks” and flew out of the store (I’m horrible at the ‘stop and chat’–but I’m sure we could have had a pleasant conversation).  But in all honesty, I think the world be a better place if we all just smiled at strangers (without malice or pretense–meaning, don’t be creepy about it) and handed out genuine compliments (seriously, it felt good to be complimented!).

In conclusion, the pictorial presentation of my outfit is quite unorthodox today, but I’ll see if I can have my trusty dad act as my photographer again next week .  I’ll also see if I can tame my hair for my next post.  Hope you have a good, sunshine-filled weekend!

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

Dress:  Mossimo Supply Co./Target

Hooded sweatshirt:  aerie/gift

Sweater:  Arizona Jean Company/JCPenney

Socks:  Target

Boots:  Enzo Angiolini/vintage