All About Cute

Cute (adj.):  Non-threatening, innocent.  To be used when something (or someone) makes you want to hug it, kiss it, and love it forever (brownie points to anyone who knows what that last part was referencing).

Cute can also be used to describe an outfit.  In this sense, it is used to convey that the person giving the compliment covets or admires the article of clothing in question.   For example, “That’s a cute turtleneck dickey you have on” (disclaimer:  I haven’t actually heard anyone say this).

But, most of the time, cute can describe animals, both real and imaginary, 3-D or 2-D.

I will be posting something monthly to get your dose of all things (I think are) adorable.  Because let’s face it–aren’t we all looking for something cute to brighten up our day?


Boy, those boots are tiny!

Lunch Party

I like cute things, fashion, and pop culture references (the title of this post is a reference to the launch of the Dunder Mifflin website on the TV show The Office–kudos to those who already knew that!).  To celebrate the birth of this blog, and to honor what would have been Jim Henson’s 75th birthday, here is a fabulous picture of the stylish Miss Piggy.  I can only hope that I can dress and pose with as much flair as her!

Model-chic Miss Piggy

I love the peacock feather skirt and her signature purple velvet gloves!  Miss Piggy:  the most fashion-forward Muppet.