Fun Finds

I went to the thrift store today, and was pleased with what I found.  I like to shop different thrift stores, because some thrift stores have a better selection than others.  This particular store had many racks of clothes, scarves, and handbags.  I’m happy to say I bought something from each section.

First up, is this bold, blue skirt.  I don’t think this shade of blue looks the best on me, but the brightness and the material reminded me of what I, as a young one, envisioned myself wearing as an adult.  The length is demure, and I can cinch a belt around the waist.

I was also intrigued by the scarves that I bought; the colors and designs were what attracted me.  With both scarves, I’m able to imagine an array of outfits to create around each motif.

I was late in snatching what appeared to be a vintage black leather Coach purse (I just happened to witness the moment another customer picked it up, and in that same instant, I knew she was going to put it in her cart).  I was determined to find another vintage handbag, and about a minute later, I came across this Koret purse.  The leather was still in good condition, and it came with an attached coin purse.

My last find of the day was this bamboo purse.  Initially, I was hesitant to get this purse due to the small size, but I was drawn to the unique craftsmanship.  I ended up carrying it (along with everything else I was planning on purchasing) for about half an hour before I decided to buy it (I tend to just hold onto things that I think I might want to buy before I make my final decision; even at the thrift store, I realize that you still don’t want to overspend on things you don’t need or won’t use).  In the end, I thought it would make a pretty summer accessory.

I’m excited to actually use everything that I bought.  When the time is right, I’ll come up with a fun outfit (or two) using what was purchased today.  Yay for successful shopping!

Skirt:  Requirements

Scarves:  (1) Totes:  Made in Italy; (2) Made in Japan (no label)

Purses:  leather:   Koret; bamboo:  no label

Hat for Sale

Here I am trying on my fuzzy hat in the store.  I can’t wait to wear it tomorrow night–it’ll be a cold one.  I’ll be wearing a short dress to my company’s holiday party.  I know–I need to dress for the weather, but sometimes a girl has to wear what she wants to wear (and suffer the consequences).  I’ll also wear a long coat over top to help keep out the cold.

I bought this faux furry hat (using a gift card!) on a whim.  I’m usually not daring enough to try on something so eye-catching, but there was something so endearingly awesome about this hat, that I had to have it.  I have a feeling that my hair will have crazy static, but if it’s anywhere near freezing, I think I’d rather have some protection from the cold.

I’m just excited that this hat is warm and big enough for my head.  On the same shopping trip, I was actually able to buy not just one hat, but two.  Please stay tuned for another post featuring my other hat (that is not furry or fuzzy, unfortunately.  By the way, I discovered that my hat size is medium/large).  In the meantime, keep warm and happy head coverings!

P.S.  I recognize the irony in wearing a warm winter hat with the outfit that I wore for my Forget Winter post.

P.P.S. This hat was purchased at the Gap.  I decided not to buy the scarf although it was very warm and thick.  Hopefully, it found a nice home with someone else (yes, I care about the scarf’s feelings).

Happy Feet

A common theme in my wardrobe is that I must be comfortable.  Comfortable means a lot of different things to me:  in hot weather, I like to be cool and in cold weather, I like to be warm.  I also like to have plenty of sleep, plenty of food, and plenty of body wash and shampoo (yes, this means I don’t like to be dirty, and yes, this means I’m high-maintenance–I admit it).  Anyway, I try to create outfits that are both cute and comfortable, but as you can probably see, this might not always happen.

Now, to help me ease into fall and winter (and to avoid unleashing my innate crankiness), I just bought a new pair of tights and a new pair of socks.  I expect I’ll continue wearing skirts through the colder months, so this was a very important purchase.

Fortunately, I was able to find nice, neutral colors, so I can easily match my tops and bottoms to my footwear.  Although, I was almost about to buy a pair of magenta-colored tights, but I stopped myself this time (I hope to buy a wild color though in the near future when I’m feeling exceptionally adventurous).

So, with my feet warm, I’ll have very little to complain about when it gets cold.  Just don’t take away my sleep, food, or soap and we’ll stay friends.

Sad Hatter

Embarrassing fact:  I have a big head.  A big, round head.  This is an issue because as the weather has gotten cooler, I have become more interested in looking for hats.  A few weeks ago, I tried on a fedora in a Calvin Klein store and was disappointed that the hat did not fit around the circumference of my head.  And before you ask, no I wasn’t wearing a ponytail.  And no, it wasn’t a child’s hat.  It was a hat in the women’s section:  cute but not fit to my proportions.  Actually, I did end up finding a hat in the store that did fit me.  And yes, it was in–you guessed it–the men’s section.

I can fit into some women’s hats, but unfortunately, just like clothes, not all hats are made the same.  If I find a good hat, I will end up wearing it for probably the rest of my life depending on if the weather calls for it.  What can I say?  I am loyal to both my clothes (hence, my clothes that have stuck around since high school) and my hats.  And doggone it–it’s just so hard to find a well-fitted hat for my circumferentially-inclined head.


Animated Karl Pilkington: representative for all the round-headed people

With that being said, I will keep you posted on my adventures in hat shopping.  I’ll rub my round head for good luck.

Sales Worthy

As you can see, I tend to buy my clothes at the same stores.  I don’t mean to be a walking advertisement, but I enjoy shopping at stores where I can find decent quality clothes and shoes for an affordable price.  Even though I’m a working girl, I still adhere to a strict budget for clothes and accessories.  Don’t get me wrong–I like to marvel at the high-end designers, but I also find more pleasure in going to stores where I can tally up how much I’ve saved.

I enjoy treasure-hunting.  I could sift through racks of clothes for hours and feel it was all worth it if I came up with at least one good item for purchase.  I also like looking for anything that is unique but wearable.  Unfortunately, my day job doesn’t allow me to be creative with my outfits, so I try to find clothes that can be worn in different ways for the weekends or my days off.

I find that my favorite clothes are the ones that are not only stylish but were also bought on sale (or more specifically, on clearance).  So, I’m open to shopping at other stores as long as I can find cool clothes that won’t break the bank.

Now, if you’re looking for a shopping buddy, please join me–I’ll be scouring the clearance racks in the back.

Watch and Wait

I went shopping earlier this week and found some cute clothes.  I can’t wait to post the dress that I bought!  But, in the meantime, here is a picture of the front of a t-shirt that I also purchased:

To be honest, I got this shirt because it  had “my blog” written on the front.  I also liked how there was a picture of a keyboard on the shirt, and I thought the nickname could be referencing Looks So Fine, so I immediately thought–it’s a keeper!  But then I read the whole shirt, re-read it, read it a third time and thought to myself, “this makes no sense!”  Upon a fourth reading, I realized it was still completely nonsensical, but I had to have it (plus, it was $5–I had no choice but to buy it).

The message looks like it got muddled up in translation.  Should it have said, “Watch out for my blog?”  “Read my blog?” “Watch out my blog–you’ve got competition?”  or  “Watch out blog–you’re next?”  Who knows–but I can’t wait to wear it with a skirt or a pair of skinny pants.  I will definitely post my outfit sometime in the near future (given my laundry schedule, I assume in the next month or so).  So, WATCH OUT–it’s coming soon (tee hee–I’m sure you saw that one coming)…