Boots Fantastic

It was a fun weekend.  Chris and I took a short trip where we got to catch up with family and catch up on sleep (although I still felt like I was in a daze the whole weekend–unfortunately, prolonged sleep deprivation equals poor speech and comprehension skills).

I was convinced to wear my boots when I happened to see someone in the city wearing a very similar outfit with booties the day before (I even muttered “that’s my outfit” as I passed her because I was surprised to see someone wearing something that I had planned to wear for the next day).  Actually, if the ground wasn’t wet with rain, I probably would have worn my new black shoes instead (alas, I’ll have to save the shoes for another day).

This is my latest vintage Coach purse.  I think I’m addicted to buying old purses.

Chris and I took some pictures and got to take a stroll before we headed home.  It was the perfect way to end the weekend.   Hope you have a good week!

P.S.  I noticed that there is always something interesting to my left.  I couldn’t tell you exactly what.

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

Top:  Max Studio/Marshalls

Cover Up:  Girl Talk/TJ Maxx

Shorts:  Marshalls

Leggings:  Xhilaration/Target

Socks:  Charter Club/Macy’s

Boots:  Xhilaration/Target

Purse:  Coach/thrifted

Necklace:  flea market

Pretty in Prints

My first outfit reflects my love for wearing things that don’t need to be ironed (you could argue that I should have at least ironed my shorts, but we’ll save that for another discussion).   But, in all honesty, not only do I love how I literally pulled pieces from my closet (or in this instance, off my pile of clean clothes since I no longer have space in my closet) to make this outfit, but I also love how I could layer with something that is “in” at this moment.  A lot of designers are playing with different prints for their spring collection, mostly animals and floral designs.  Granted, I am wearing neither animals nor flowers, but the wispy, colorful prints remind me of delicate floral feathers (if those things really existed).  That makes me trendy, n’est-ce pas (yes, I threw in some French to show just how “in the know” I am)?


My accessories are also lacking in this picture.  Most of my outfits will probably recycle a lot of the same purses, belts, and jewelry because I’m unfortunately more of a clothes-horse and not an accessories queen (or whatever someone with a lot of accessories is called).  However, I will be starting a feature that will allow me to collaborate with other people and possibly borrow some of their accessories (if you are reading this, you know who you are).  So stay tuned!  There’s more to come (and I apologize for my lame poses.  I’ll try to be sassier in the future)!

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

Coverup:  Living Doll LA/TJMaxx

Top:  Mossimo/Target

Shorts:  Calvin Klein/Army Base Exchange

Belt:  Betsey Johnson/TJMaxx

Shoes:  Merona/Target

Purse:  kensie Girl/Marshalls

P.S.  Credits go to my husband, Chris, for his photography skills and his patience.