Tokyo Trip: One Last Look

And now for my last outfit of the trip (I really know how to extend my vacation, don’t I?).  It wasn’t anything fancy; just something that I could wear and be comfortable in for the long journey home.

I reworked my leggings from earlier in the trip and layered with socks (I thought that I had forgotten to pack my gray socks, but apparently, I didn’t look hard enough).  This was essentially my version of a nightgown that I could wear in public (by this time, I also had a full-blown cold, so I really couldn’t have cared less about what I was wearing).

The best part about this outfit was the vintage suitcase that I bought a few weeks before our trip.  It’ll probably be the first and last time that I’ll use it though.  The fabric started to unravel and I was afraid the whole thing was going to be in pieces by the time we made it to the airport.  Luckily, it survived–and thankfully, you all survived my drawn out recap of our trip.  I miss Tokyo, but I hope we’ll be able to go back and see more of Japan someday.  In the meantime, I’ll see you stateside!

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

T-shirt:  Something Navy/Marshalls

Dress:  Old Navy/Old Navy

Leggings:  Xhilaration/Target

Socks:  Charter Club/Macy’s

Shoes:  Big Buddha/DSW

Belt:  Betsey Johnson/ TJ Maxx

Purse:  Chinese Laundry/gift

Bow:  WEGO in Harajuku

Suitcase:  vintage/boutique store in Delaware

Tokyo Trip: Mish-Mash Mood

This is my outfit from Day 5 of our trip.  I ended up going on a solo excursion because Chris wasn’t feeling well, so I saw this as a perfect opportunity to go antiquing.  Fortunately, there was an antique mall just a block away, so I was able to comfortably spend an hour or two perusing the display cases.  By the time I came back, Chris had enough energy to tour another area.  We decided to spend the rest of the day in Akihabara and then come back to Ginza (where we were staying).

Unfortunately, it was another rainy day, so I had to bring my raincoat.  I know the rain can’t give you a cold, but I’m sure the conditions (weather being cooler, being jet-lagged and sleep deprived, and being around someone who was already sick) helped to lower my immunity; I started to feel worn out by the end of the day.

But luckily, these pictures were before I started to feel under the weather.  I did combine a mish-mash of items to create this outfit.  I liked how an older woman on the street had worn her scarf, so I emulated her style by wearing my scarf (worn for the second time on this trip) in a similar way.   I was also in a menswear mood, so I added my vest over a Harry Potter shirt that I hadn’t worn up until that day (I packed it because I knew it would serve as a cool white t-shirt for me).

To add more color and depth to my outfit, I wore a short navy blue skirt over my jeggings.  I think I was in a layering mood that day (note:  my amused look is because I had to move out of the way to let someone pull their cart out).

Back in Ginza, I admired the store displays:

I have two more outfits to share with you.  We’re almost there!

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

T-shirt:  Harry Potter/Hot Topic

Vest:  vintage/thrifted

Scarf:  Totes/thrifted

Skirt:  Old Navy/Old Navy

Jeggings:  Grane/Marshalls

Flats:  Mossimo/Target

Purse:  Chinese Laundry/gift

Birthday Special

I just wanted to take some time today to say Happy Birthday to my special someone.

I’m not the best gift-giver, so I basically waited until the last minute (meaning yesterday) to find a birthday present.  I ended up driving around most of the late morning, searching high and low for a specific t-shirt.  Unfortunately, the first place I went to didn’t have the correct size, so I drove to another mall.  Luckily, the malls are probably only about 20 minutes apart, but I’m sure I burned a lot of fuel.

I think it was well worth it.  For those who either have kids or are just kids at heart like Chris and me, you are probably familiar with the Disney show, Phineas and Ferb.  And if you know the cartoon series, you are probably quite familiar with Perry the Platypus/Agent P.  Perry is probably the coolest character on the show.  He doesn’t talk; he just stares.  In Perry’s world, a stare carries a lot of meaning.  So, you can imagine why this shirt was too awesome to pass up (although, originally, I was looking to buy another shirt–but this shirt ended up winning me over).

So, to sum up–don’t wait until the last minute to buy presents, Perry the Platypus is the bee’s knees, and Chris is awesome in every way, especially today.

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):


Button-down shirt:  INC/Macy’s

T-shirt:  Disney/Disney Store


Jacket:  Notations/vintage store

Scarf:  vintage


An eerie coincidence happened earlier last week.  On Sunday (the day I posed for these pictures), I decided to wear a shirt that was too big for me as a kid, but is now a bit too small for me as an adult.  It was a t-shirt that my dad had bought for me when he went on a trip to the Philippines when I was probably about six or seven years old.  I found this shirt in my old bedroom a few months ago and brought it to our apartment to be worn at some point.

I recently came across this shirt again, and because I must have been in a nostalgic mood, I ended up creating an entire outfit based on the shirt’s design.  First, I decided to keep my glasses on because I was feeling tired, and since I was planning on just making a quick stop at my parents’ house that day.  I picked a pair of high-waisted jeans due to the cropped nature of the shirt and rounded out the ensemble with a pair of  pointed-toe shoes.  I also kept the accessories minimal, because I felt the shirt, glasses, and bracelets offered enough color and vibrance for the dull, dreary day.

The following Monday morning, however, I discovered that there was an earthquake of 6.8 magnitude that affected the province of Cebu in the Philippines (the capital city of Cebu is Cebu City).  I don’t believe my shirt was an omen of anything, but I did hesitate to post these pictures due to the seriousness of this natural disaster.  I ultimately decided to blog this outfit, not to be insensitive or to make a strong statement, but to showcase a shirt that represents my ancestral roots, particularly at a time when the country of my parents has received international attention.

I apologize if this post, in light of recent events, is offensive to anyone in any way.  I hope this shirt, like other clothes or accessories we might wear, represents how we sometimes seek to show solidarity and pride in a group we may identify with, especially during troubled times.  Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

T-shirt:  gift

Cover Up:  Girl Talk/TJ Maxx

Jeans:  Old Navy/Old Navy

Heels:  Ann Marino/vintage 

Bracelets (jade and beaded):  gifts

Earrings:  vintage/gift

Dance Party!

I like to support bands and artists that deserve more attention.  I also like to support family any way I can.  So, here is another plug, this time for the group Holy Ghost! (who may or may not have my brother-in-law doing sound for them on tour). For those who are unfamiliar with them, Holy Ghost! plays fun, upbeat, electropop music that makes you want to move and groove.  When Chris and I went to their last show of the tour, I felt like I needed to put more elbow pumping into my dance moves just to create a pocket for more breathing room (note:  I’m not used to the expected closeness at concerts; unfortunately, I don’t go out enough).  All in all, we had a great time, although my new red shoes got scraped and scuffed (expected casualties from a jamming environment).

My souvenir for the evening was this rad shirt.  I was in a color-block, ’80s-inspired mood (must have been all the ’80s movies that I watched over the weekend), so I wore this loose-fitting magenta and black dress underneath.  I, unfortunately, didn’t have an appropriate blazer to wear (I’ll save that for this upcoming weekend, I think), so I went with a gray cover up.  I also wanted to wear an outfit that showed off my platform heels from my Family Ties post, but I wasn’t in the tights-wearing spirit, so I decided to wear my black, white, and gray argyle socks.  I was hesitant to wear the socks with the heels, but Chris did his “squint and assess” and told me it matched (although he was probably trying to get us to leave the apartment for food–I’m not sure).

So, this is what I wore to celebrate my birthday.  At my parents’ house.  Hey–when you can’t bring your parents to a club, you bring the club to them, right?

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

T-shirt:  Holy Ghost! concert

Cover-up:  Charlotte Russe/gift

Dress:  Rampage/Marshalls

Belt:  Betsey Johnson/Marshalls

Socks:  Target

Heels:  Esprit/donated


Brr.  Although the rain has passed, the winds have picked up today.  The leaves have been shaken off of their branches, leaving behind a landscape devoid of new growth.  The overcast skies and gusty winds signal the coming change of season.  Winter is on its way.

I was grossly underdressed for my picture taking.  My sweater is light enough to keep me warm in a sheltered space but is not heavy enough to keep out the elements when posing outdoors.  In general, my outfit today is a mish-mash of things.  I was feeling bored with my clothes (again), so I asked Chris if he had any shirts that he didn’t want to wear anymore.  He gave me this tourist shirt that he bought in Amsterdam that showcases the combination of the words “I am” with the “am” in Amsterdam (note:  I’m all for cleverly crafted words).  The red in the shirt gave me an excuse to wear my recently acquired red shoes.

I am fascinated by the color red.  Red is such a strong, bold color–it can liven up a dull outfit by visually grabbing your attention.  I’d been on the lookout for red shoes, so I was elated when I came across these red flats (I love my flats!).  I’m also hoping to add a red purse or clutch to my collection of red things (which is truly lacking).  In the meantime, I’ll enjoy the vibrance that these new shoes will bring to my wardrobe.


I’m off to a concert tonight.  I’m going to bundle up and possibly wear a hat.  And a scarf and gloves.  And a heavier coat.  Yes, I think winter is right around the corner.

P.S.  Safe travels to everyone this Thanksgiving!

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

T-shirt:  gift shop/donated

Sweater:  Julie’s Closet/Marshalls

Jeggings:  Grane/Marshalls

Shoes:  Nine West/Marshalls

Necklaces:  vintage shop

Bracelet:  Macy’s/loaned

Wait No More

Here it is–the event more hotly anticipated than seeing Kate Middleton’s wedding dress for the first time.  What you’ve been waiting for since my ‘Watch and Wait‘ post.  The question you’ve all had on your minds:  what will be worn with the ‘My Nickname is…” shirt?  I know, the talk around the water cooler was if I was going to change my mind and return the nonsensical t-shirt.  Bets were made in Las Vegas as to whether or not I was going to wear pants or a skirt.  Now you have the answer.*

I originally envisioned wearing a brightly printed maxi skirt. I ended up not even bothering to pack it. You see, when I finally washed this shirt, I also washed a bunch of pants that hadn’t been washed in forever (or ever– in the case of some clothes that had been bought in the past couple of months).  Suddenly, a new outfit emerged from the depths of the hot dryer–a pair of never-been-worn pants seemed to be the right match for my never-been-worn t-shirt.  That, and I guess I also figured that wearing pants would be more practical for this weekend trip; especially, if I considered that I might have to do a lot of walking.  Also, to fight the colder weather, I slipped on a long sweater and a pair of ankle boots (shows what good it did; I’m starting to feel just the faintest hint of a sore throat).

I’ve actually been waiting to wear this sweater for about six months now (I bought it around Easter).  I knew it would have to be worn before it got way too chilly and a thicker jacket became more necessary.  I feel like this is my coffeehouse sweater.  I just see myself sitting in a cozy cafe on one of those comfy, plush chairs, sipping a mochaccino or a chai latte as I catch up with some old friends and reminisce about the days of yore (yes, I’m a sucker for quiet coffeehouses as well as bookstores–I could spend hours at these places if I had nothing else to do).  I expect to get a lot of mileage out of this sweater in the months to come.

The whole theme of my outfit matches the peaceful awesomeness of my in-laws’ backyard.  I love the fountain and the sidewall.  The landscaping is a gorgeous backdrop for reading a book or sipping a nice cup of coffee.  Yes, I think I might secretly want a coffeehouse in my backyard someday–but it will have to come with a pretty fountain.

Until then, I hope everyone enjoys the last few days of mild weather before it gets too cold (and that no one comes down with a cold either)!

*These remarks are of course completely facetious.  I know, I know–no one believed I was going to return my shirt.

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

T-shirt:  Something Navy/Marshalls

Pants:  Sound & Matter/Marshalls

Sweater:  Kensie/Marshalls

Boots:  Xhilaration/Target

Necklace:  vintage