Summer Breeze

I almost wore this exact same outfit yesterday (note:  the outfit pictured was from over a month ago).  But, instead of a denim skirt, I wore denim shorts.  And I wore my brown slingback flats.  And–apparently, my outfit from yesterday was quite different from this outfit, although I did recycle what I wore up top.  Anyway, this is one version of what I call “breezily casual” because this comfortable, flowy top is perfect for when I need some natural air conditioning (and air reminds me of the word breezy–get it?–ugh, sorry I have a horrible sense of humor.).

This is a fun summer outfit because I don’t feel over-exposed or too overdressed.  I also wanted an excuse to wear my green wedges.  I’ve decided that I absolutely need to start adding more color to my outfits.  And wearing colorful shoes is a good place to start.

How’s everyone’s summer so far?  Stay cool, my dears.

P.S.  I hope my hyperextended elbow doesn’t freak out too many people.

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

Top:  derek heart/Marshalls

Cover Up:  Girl Talk/TJ Maxx

Skirt:  Gap/donated

Wedges:  Mossimo/Target

Purse:  vintage Coach/thrifted

Sunglasses:  London Fog/Marshalls

Hidden Inspiration

I like to look at various sources for fashion inspiration.  Unfortunately, for the print and publishing world, I very rarely thumb through a magazine (however, this is probably because I’m behind on my pop culture reading, and I’m probably too engrossed in my search for The Hunger Games trilogy or the sequels to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo when I’m in a bookstore).  I tend to spend most of my Internet time visually digesting style blogs and articles devoted to fashion.  Somewhere along the way, I absorb ideas for certain outfits.  And at random times, the thoughts for these outfits just spring out and demand to be heard.  This was probably one of those desperate-to-be-seen outfits.

It seems that lately, I’ve been wanting to wear my button-down shirts.  I like the print on this particular shirt–the flowers and the neutrality of the top appear to pair well with my denim jeggings.  The beige cover up also helps add an extra layer for warmth and for texture (it’s a fun exercise to mix and match clothes of different textures as long as the materials don’t create such a jarring or uncomfortable image or feel).

The latent inspiration that I had came in the form of choosing to wear my socks rolled up over the ends of my jeggings and wearing a pair of summer sandals to top it all off (what can I say–I just can’t let go of my summer wear).  As usual, I thought about taking the safer route (tucking my socks under my pants), but with a daring flourish, I pulled my socks over my pants, and thought, “let’s see what the world thinks of this” (or some other nonsense that made it seem like I was rebelling against what my inner fashion critic would say).

And there you have it.  I’m wearing an outfit in a way that brings back memories of when I used to feel embarrassed shopping with my mom as a teenager because she used to wear her socks over her pants too (I also wore my socks over my cuffed pants when I was very young–but I chalked that up to being a young child in the early ’90s).  It’s funny that what was once embarrassing is now worthy of emulating.  Fortunately, I have learned to be appreciative of my mom’s style as I’ve gotten older.  So, thank you Mom, for being fashion-forward, particularly when it came to keeping your ankles warm–practical inspiration for a chilly day.

P.S.  I’m not mad in these pictures.  I just don’t know how to have a relaxed, pleasant-looking face.  I’m working on it.

P.P.S.  Sorry for the lack of full length pictures.  This was probably one of our quickest photo shoots yet (unfortunately, Chris is very busy with projects of his own).  Stay tuned for my next post featuring images from a very special guest photographer!

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

Top:  Liz Claiborne/donated

Cover up:  Girl Talk/TJ Maxx

Jeggings:  Domaine Brand Jeans/Marshalls

Socks:  Charter Club/Macy’s

Shoes:  Merona/Target

Necklace:  gift

Bracelets:  vintage

Denim and Gold

This morning, it was clearly fall.  Then, as the afternoon went on, the sun got a little brighter, and it suddenly felt like it was summer again.  I brought my jacket just in case, and to prove that I would eventually need it once the sun went down, I wore it for this first picture.  Also, as a throwback to the warmer weather, I wore this cami and my perforated yellow shoes to keep the rest of my body cool.

The thing that I like about the fall is that you can still wear your summer clothes but with extra layers.  From a style standpoint, winter will be a challenging season for me (considering that I like wearing my summer clothes almost year round).  But we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

This skirt was actually “donated” to me by my sister.  The denim actually has a gold, glittery sheen to it which matches my new obsession with all things gold.  Unfortunately, a picture I tried to take of my skirt did not do the gold justice, but if you look closely, you might be able to see a hint of the sparkles.

I’m also really digging this necklace that I bought for a ‘3 for $5’ deal at a vintage store.  As mentioned before, I don’t own too many accessories, but things have changed!  I have a secret benefactress that has lent me some of her jewelry to dress up my outfits (is it bad that the jewelry was practically just handed to me?  You don’t have to answer that).  So, if I accessorize my outfits just right, you’ll be seeing a more dazzling version of me in the days and weeks to come–Looks So Fine 2.0?

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

Top:  American Eagle Outfitters/Marshalls

Skirt:  Gap/donated

Jacket:  Stella Starr/TJMaxx

Shoes:  Merona/Target 

Necklace:  Richelieu/vintage

See and Be Seen

It was a beautiful day for taking pictures.  The hubby and I decided to do an impromptu photo shoot in the city, because it beats having just trees and shrubs in the background, and we wanted to wander outside in the gorgeous weather.

I wore a modified version of an outfit that I was planning on wearing in the summer, but I never got around to it (knowing me, it took forever for me to do my laundry).  In hot weather, I would have just worn the sleeveless blouse and skirt with my strappy gold shoes to dress it up.  The fall version of this look has the same overall effect, but it’s more seasonally appropriate.

Unfortunately, the shoes I ended up wearing, although comfortable at the beginning of the day, gradually started to hurt the balls of my feet.

So, here I am kicking back after a long day of walking.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Outfit (Designer/Purchased from):

Top:  Derek Heart/Marshalls

Skirt:  Esprit/Army Base Exchange (bought when I was in high school)

Coverup:  imaginary voyage/Marshalls

Shoes:  Merona/Target

Purse:  Olivia + Joy/Marshalls

Bracelet:  gift

Not-So-Secret Admirer

I’m a big fan of people-watching (similar to bird-watching, but preferably without the use of binoculars; otherwise, I’d seem like a first-class creep).  I like to see how people interact with and relate to one another.  And, of course, I like to observe what others are wearing.

Much like birds and their plumes of feathers, humans have their own way of standing out.  Generally, the most accessible and convenient way we all differentiate ourselves is through the clothes we wear.  When I gaze into a crowd, the ones who make a lasting impression are the ones who have on an outfit that either 1) I would like to wear for myself or 2) I would like to admire like a page in a magazine.

Now, random strangers are not the only ones whom I admire from afar.  I also appreciate the styles of friends and family members.  So, consider this a warning to all those I know–you may be stalked and hunted down for a picture for my blog!

Case in point, over the weekend, I convinced a friend to let me post her outfit:

I love the combination of teal and mustard yellow.  Both colors are perfect for this transition from warmer to cooler temperatures.   And how fabulous is it that the clasp of her clutch matches her shoes (sorry, this is me going gaga over people’s outfits)? Also, a neat little tidbit–she’s wearing a cami and a matching skirt (not a dress–but who would have known?).  The skirt has a flirty fullness to it without being too heavy on fabric.

Also, her bracelets and gold jewelry are such a charming addition to her outfit (note:  I’m having a “gold” moment–I’m loving the way certain colors match with gold, and I’m looking for ways that I can incorporate more gold jewelry with what I wear).

So, does anyone else like taking (or wish they could take) pictures of what people are wearing too?  Don’t worry–my feelings won’t be (too) hurt if I find out I’m the only one.